Reputation Management: What to they really think about you?

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Oct 152015

With the boom of social media and the ease and accessibility of the internet many businesses and individuals has started forming their identity as well as their social media presence. The internet is a very powerful tool that, used correctly, can increase a company’s brand perception and as well as increase sale. But what most people as well as companies don’t know is that the internet has two sides. It can be a source of a company’s success or it can also be the cause of its downfall.

Reputation Management, can be explained simply as “what people (customers) talk or perceive about you (Company)” online. It may be good or bad, but this is something that any corporate organization should address to maintain a brand as well as maintain a good reputation in the world.

What they think about you? Is a question that is very important for reputation management. Knowing what the public think about the company, its product or its service and what they say on social media. People tend to talk about a lot of things on the net, but once they start talking about anything regarding the company then it is high time to start listening and start finding out if what they’re talking about is good or bad for the company’s image.

Good or bad it is still publicity? It is often said that god or bad it is still publicity. This is a very common mistake of every company. Publicity is important to maintain customer recognition, but when the customer starts thinking negatively about the company then this type of publicity is surely not beneficial for the organization. Negative publicity can be the breaking point of any company, A huge corporation may not shut down but it can surely affect sales and revenue. People will tend to be weary of the company and often will try to steer clear of any of the products and services offered.

How to handle negative reviews? Negative review, comment, or anything for the matter that slams or tarnish a company’s name should be addressed. Being aggressive or defensive to the negative feedback is not always the answer and may actually prove to be more damaging in the long run this also apply with not taking action on the negative reviews. Take a slower and gentler approach in addressing the issue. By communicating with the concerned party and addressing the cause of their distress. By doing so, the company doesn’t just save face, but also provides a more desirable solution to the problem.

Websites that offer reputation management software have become more and more useful.  It is very essential, and should be considered to be an important part of branding a company. It provides a glimpse of what the company and the product really is and how people actually perceive the company. Acting upon any hate comments received from customers should be considered as an opportunity for the company to improve and not as a means to tarnish and destroy a company’s reputation. Overall, for everyone in a company to be better equipped in handling this type of cases offering a Reputation Management training to all of its employees is the best way a company to protect themselves and address this type of publicity.

Social Media Guidelines

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Jan 062015

Let’s face it social media has been the talk of the town for quite some time now. And it is the primary reason why the internet has gotten back the interest that it deserves which is to be always at viral status each and every day. It’s like every website is a startup again because of the infusion of innovation social media has lead. But there is a growing frustration and it is obvious with people who are just now trying to carve their way in. The internet has gotten much more cut throat through recent years because frankly people are becoming really good at creating unique compelling content.

The challenge is to not just to overtake people from the U.S. or Europe anymore. The internet has begun the phase of real globalization as all countries around the world are now starting to upload significant number of websites on their own. And that is why the competition has increased several notches up.

As we are now looking at the landscape being already extremely crowded and competitive, you probably landed on this page because you are looking for social media guidelines. Surely with all the complexities now involved at how to effectively attract whichever visitors are left wondering out there, it would be nice to have something that could point a newbie to the right direction.

Here are some tips on how you can be part of the great social media revolution:

People who need Twitter followers should buy them from sources who work fast. For example, if you want to get 5,000 followers then you should be able to get that amount in 5 to 8 days.

Make sure to have your main business website represented in social networking sites with its own business profile. In general people define social media as a website which have content that they can easily share the content to their friends, relatives and contacts. The best way to do this is to have widgets attached on your sites from social networking sites which mean you’ve got to sign up your business separate to your personal profile.

Make your posts as interesting as possible and make sure each posts finds its way on all your social networking timelines. It doesn’t matter much if you’ve got great content unless your business has got the audience to tell it to. A full social media site is always connected through different social streams making their content super accessible. Also letting social networking sites carry your content makes it a possibility that it will turn viral.

Abide to social media etiquettes. It is very easy to overdo things in social media. People want to get updated but not to the point that what you’ll present them would topple some of the other feeds they are waiting for as well. Be helpful and stay clear of being a spammer. It will do more harm than good.

Make sure your profile is up to date. You want to make sure that your social networking sites and profiles are updated. You want to get back at the links you’ve posted through the past and update the ones that are no longer working. It is very easy to tick visitors with non-working links. Since user experience is kept at such a high standard in social media, this pointer cannot be missed.

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Get More Twitter Followers

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Apr 102014

Top 10 Reasons To Get More Twitter Followers

The growth of users looking to get more Twitter followers is growing daily. Those involved with internet marketing realize that social media may very well be among the most innovative venues for promotions. Among all the social media sites utilized for promotions is the microblogging site Twitter. The aftermath of Google Panda and Penguin updates have led many to shift focus away from exclusively using websites and blogs as marketing vehicles.

Social media platforms are somewhat self-contained so changes in search engine optimization rules are not going to cause a lot of turmoil. Among all the social media sites utilized for promotions is the microblogging service Twitter. Simple tweets can greatly aid in the marketing and communications strategy of a business. In order to make social media platform such as Twitter work effectively, the profile requires followers. The has led to many people, businesses and organizations realizing they need to get more Twitter followers.

For those that need a bit of motivation to amass followers on their Twitter account, here are ten very good reasons why a lot of followers is good for a business.

salve-a-terra--twitter_4251_1280x80010 Main Reasons To Get More Twitter Followers

10. When you get more Twitter followers, you have a larger group of people you can market to. While the tweets themselves do not always have to focus on marketing and promotions, advertising is the main purpose of the profile in the first place. So, when you do actually make promotional tweets, they are directed to the widest possible audience.

9. Getting a large number of followers can help overcome low conversion rates. Conversion rates refer to the number of sales made in relation to the number of followers you have amassed. Quantity alone may not cut it. The quality of the product or service has to be high and people do have to want it. They can only learn about its merits if they are made aware of what you have to offer and this is why followers should be sought out. However, only a limited fraction of Twitter followers are going to become paying customers. So, the more you up the number of followers, the higher the potential conversion rate may be.

8. You help establish credibility online when you get more Twitter followers. Credibility is very important for the success of any business. No one wants to purchase from a dubious company. A business or entrepreneur with a lot of credibility is going to be better trusted. When a potential customer sees there are scores of legitimate followers of your tweets, you gain a credibility boost thanks to their following. Numbers alone are not going to be the only thing that helps you appear credible, but a large following can contribute some benefit.

7. The more Twitter followers you get, the more referrals you may get. Your audience might very well be interested in helping you and your business out. The more people willing to do this on your behalf, the more exponential the growth of awareness of your business will be. This does not necessarily mean your Twitter followers are going to necessarily proactively try and promote your business. More than likely, they will have friends and family who will go to them and ask for a recommendation for a particular business. If your business fits the match, your followers may very well recommend it. The greater the potential there is for occurrences like these to happen as you get more Twitter followers.

6. Going viral with a really good tweet increases because more people see it. When you get more Twitter followers, you have a better chance of it going viral. One day, you may be very inspired with your tweeting and send out something that is very moving or funny. The tweet could end up going viral and being shared by your followers. A huge number of followers increases the number of persons interested in sharing your better tweets. Anything that goes viral online is basically free advertising. Not only is there no monetary investment, there is also no effort investment. A business can only benefit from a situation such as that.

5. Investing the time in getting more Twitter followers means you will be tweeting to a large number of potential customers. A common maxim you likely hear is quality is more important than quantity. This is a true statement, but there is one issue troubling aspect to the statement. The inference is only a low number of followers equates with quality. That is not true! With the right effort, you can amass a large quantity of followers who are also high in quality.

4. You can learn what your customers like and dislike when you get more Twitter followers. Another common misconception about tweeting is it is the proverbial one-way street. The person doing the tweeting on the profile is not the only person able to speak. Followers can respond to what you are tweeting. This can give you a good insight into what your audiences reacts positively to and wants more of. Feedback of this nature can also help you make changes required to keep customers and followers happy.

3. When you get more Twitter followers, it gives the rightful impression you are popular. Being popular is not just about making yourself look like you are part of the ”in crowd”. There is an attraction marketing component to appearing popular. Popular people are the ones others gravitate towards. The same is true of businesses. When consumers see a business has a huge number of followers, they might think the business has something to offer. The more popular a business looks thanks to a massive array of Twitter followers, the more followers (and potential customers) it is going to attract.

2. Building up your Twitter following shows you are contributing to the modernization of your business. You should work to get more Twitter followers to do this. Those who are involved with internet and social media marketing might be under the assumption that everyone else is on the same path. This is not really true as many businesses and entrepreneurs go about things the old way and are not taking advantage of Twitter. Often, these businesses do not realize how archaic they look through not employing modern, simple, and effective strategies such as building up a strong presence on social media sites such as Twitter.

1. The chances of your business being successful increases when you get more Twitter followers. All good reasons for building up your number of Twitter followers have a common theme among them. They are intended to help make your business a success. Ultimately, that is the main reason why you build the Twitter profile and amass a huge network of followers in the first place.

Buy Twitter Followers to Connect to People

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Feb 252014

The Twitter App on My 63Twitter has become a nifty fashion for people to link to other people and to businesses, they are interested in. Most people have Twitter accounts and with the social platform having hundreds of millions of active users, it is only significant for any commercial enterprise to use the political program to accomplish out to their target audience. Twitter, unlike other social media platforms, provides an easy way to share tweets, or information in a few characters, which is why it has become so popular. People who adopt the account view the information and this is why new accounts need to buy Twitter followers.

More Popular, More Followers

To send the required message to a target group, a business needs to have the people in the group as its followers on Twitter. A new account will not have many followers, especially if it is for a small growing business. Starting out new followers can use up rather a deal of time and effort and this is why purchasing the followers is important. People on Twitter will follow businesses or people they think will add value to their timeline and they pay attention to the number of followers the account has. In simple terms, the more followers an account has, the more people will follow it.

Buying Twitter Followers Is an Easy Affair

Most businesses spend a great deal of money and time trying to market their social media platforms to generate more traffic to their websites. The traditional methods can be effective, but they take time. One of the easiest ways to increase the number of followers on Twitter is to buy them. There are many sites offering this service and the process is as easy and depositing cash depending on the number of followers needed. The followers will follow fast and the invoice will appear popular which will lead to more free followers.

It’s Cheaper

It is more inexpensive to buy Twitter followers as compared to trying to get them through other marketing and promotional means. On that point are a bunch of businesses and people on Twitter and increasing the followers can be a intimidating undertaking. When the followers are purchased for a few dollars, this opens doors to more followers who will want to be associated with the account. This is a cheap marketing tool since it merely requires the initial buying price and the repose of the followers will be pursuing on their own will and will probably be of outstanding value to the clientele.

How To Get More Twitter Followers Fast

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Jan 022014

twitter fail imageGenerally, a high number of followers on Twitter tells other people that you’re not entirely appealing and noteworthy, but also an influential person. Nevertheless, how do you get more followers faster? Several techniques if used consistently can help you increase the number of your Twitter followers within no time.

Tips for Getting more twitter followers fast

1. Follow more people

Generally, people will not come to you (or very few will) unless you’re a celebrity. The most effective strategy, therefore, is to go looking for them. For this, you can use the Who to Follow directory on Twitter to find & follow people who you share common interests or tweets with. These people can turn into followers.

Anytime you follow other people, make sure to browse their feed & look for a tweet(s) you can respond to immediately. In addition, you can tweet them asking for a follow back! If you’re active by responding or sending tweets, they’ll recognize that you’re indeed paying attention and won’t hesitate to follow you back.

2. Add a “follow” button to your site and other social media platforms

If you have a blog or website, you can turn existing readers and fans into Twitter followers by adding “follow” buttons to it. As people read your content, they may follow you as well.If you already have a LinkedIn profile or Facebook page, you can place links to your Twitter profile there. However, avoid placing too many links to avoid looking “spammy”.

3. Ask for a re-tweet

Research shows that the majority of the most-retweeted posts include a phrase like “please retweet” or simply “pls RT” in it. Anytime you are re-tweeted, your tweets will show up in the timelines of hundreds and even thousands of people. This ultimately results in new followers.

4. Join tweet chats

Tweet chats create huge interactive conversations around one hashtag. In fact, by joining such a chat, you’ll find it very easy and quick to make new friends as well as get re-tweets on your answers. These people will often follow you.

How To Get More Instagram Likes With Ease

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Dec 082013

Image representing Instagram as depicted in Cr...Instagram has tremendously grown ever since it was first launched, this one-of-a-kind photo sharing platform allows users to share photos with friends and family thus gaining more followers in the process. After capturing images, apply filters or special effects to the photos so that they can be more appealing to the audience. Aside from posting them on your account profile, it’s also possible to share these portraits on other popular social networks such as Twitter and Facebook. Instagram also allows subscribers to like, make comments on photos, follow others and keep updated with their regular uploads.

Upload interesting and high quality images

The image ought to be attractive, fascinating and touch an innate cord of attraction within the online viewers. Mundane photos like that of your dog or cat are not appealing since there are many other similar snapshots on instagram. Though people like watching personal photographs, it would be appropriate not to flaunt too much since viewers may mistake this to be arrogance and flee from your page. A beautiful and artistic image would definitely bring the required amount of traffic. Therefore, it’s appropriate to carefully select the pictures placed on your account to avoid disappointments. For a better understanding of what would work on the site, check and evaluate top-rated photos featured on the most ‘Popular’ tab. You may also use special analytics tools such as Statigr. am to show personal photos that have received numerous ‘likes,’ and those that have most comments as well.

Apply appropriate screens

With just a few button taps, digital screens can transform any drab looking image into a classy and sophisticated finished product. There are different types of filters which can add effects like golden glows, shadow elements and vintage, faded or contrast colors. The Lomo-fi screen is popularly used to adjust food photos. It contains saturated colors as well as shadows which can make the meal an appetizing smell. Other popular instagram photo filters include:

1. Sierra

2. Brannan

3. X-Proll

4. Nashville

5. Inkwell

Combine different images into one

Statistics show that the most renowned images on this social networking site are those that are mixed together. These could be family portraits, pets or personal images in varying moods. Software appliances like Diptic and Pic Stitch also allow users to create beautiful collages in just a few steps. Decent image collages pack an intricately powerful punch on otherwise typical portraits. They tell viewers a beautiful tale of those featured in the picture, thus evoking positive reactions and helping one gain more followers on instagram.

Connect and invite contacts from other social networks

Other than buying Instagram followers, the simplest way to get more Instagram likes is connecting your account with Facebook. All activities on Instagram would automatically be posted on your Facebook wall once the pages are linked. This aids in getting a bigger fan base and gives the account some much needed exposure. Other places where you can share instagram photos are Flickr, Twitter, Tumbir and Foursquare. Another effective strategy is using Hashtags. They allow people to uniquely tag and classify content based on specific search details; this increases the chances of your photos being watched by thousands of users every day.

Effective New Trends in Email Marketing You May Have Missed

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Nov 222013

It is possible there are some effective new trends in email marketing you may have missed in the previous year or marketing campaign. As you adopt a new strategy to be as effective as possible in the new dispensation, it is prudent to have a look at some of the things you should not have missed in your email marketing. There are a number of trends that either slipped by or you never thought about.

Better utilization of customer data

Customers are Ignoring You

Customers are Ignoring You (Photo credit: ronploof)

If you did not use your customer’s data effectively, it is a high time you make the most of it to drive more engaging and relevant communications. As the months progress, you will need to invest in a number of new ways of retaining your loyal and life long customers through appropriate web campaigns. Click through rates in broadcast types of email campaigns are only 3% and marketers must make sure what is communicated is useful to customers as compared to what many term as spam, irrelevant or annoying noise. If you have better insight of a customer and his or her preference, you will be driving very meaningful interactions as a result of customer intelligence. Through the gathering and analysis of customer information, including their activities, needs and wants, a marketer should end up with a better and deeper understanding of how to achieve satisfying relationships. The customer must always be first and not the commodity-the consumer is a person and must be indulged as such.

Adoption of mobile devices

Probably you missed the opportunity to adopt mobile devices in your earlier email marketing trends. A continued growth in mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones and their adoption in email marketing will make marketing very flexible and any marketer will be able to target a particular customer at any place and time. Marketers will then be able to deliver very relevant and timely campaigns, such as restaurant vouchers just before lunch. Note that to succeed in mobile email marketing, you need to understand the demerits and confines of opening and reading emails through tablets, cellular phones and smartphones.

Social media

Markets have been syncing themselves with alternative communication levels and being more collaborative so that they can be effective in their communication. It is expected brands will improve even further as a result of the experiences they create on social media for their customers and affect the social potential of emails since content and social data will be fed into most email campaigns. It is also expected to be seen in most ESPs providing social features in the heart of their email platforms. Other new trends in email marketing you may have missed include seeing emails with questions and polls for customers and overall subscribers, perhaps asking whether the information or content provided was relevant or useful. The given feedback will then be used in driving the marketing strategy.

Video reach


Customers (Photo credit: Vinqui)

The reach and influence of different media has been changing over the years. Video has been one of the increasingly effective options of captivating and engaging a specific customer base. Before you make the most of videos in any email marketing process, you must think about a number of things. This include embedding videos within emails and making sure they are informative, a appealing interview, funny, short and right to the point to make sure the targeted do not lose interest. Videos add a lot of value to any email marketing strategy and give subscribers something to look forward to.

Success of your campaign will depend on the things you have included or overlooked.